Thursday, July 12, 2012


Scuttles squishing
A day of eating too many of the sugar cookies my sister made, and watching tv with my still unnamed baby long-neck turtle sitting on my knee. Laughing when wild bunny Blackie, raced up to me when I went out to feed my animals, and proceeded to jump for the box of food I was carrying, and climb inside with a guilty 'I know I shouldn't be stealing but yum' expression on his face. Absorbing wonderful details, like the dappled nearing golden hour light dancing across the surface of our paper bark tree, fresh white roses backlit by the setting sun, new budding purple flowers amongst those long dead on one of our bushes, and later the sunset reflected in street puddles and on the surface of our cars out the front. Shared glances with one of the resident kookaburras, and taking silly photos while squishing Scuttles. Playing with my parents' crazy turtle Izzie who has had a growth spurt (much to my mum's dislike), and who races around like she's on drugs.

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