Friday, June 29, 2012


migrating whales seen off crackneck lookout, central coast, nsw australia

My sister woke me up this morning because she'd heard that whales - they're migrating north - had been spotted nearby, and wanted me to come with her to see if we could see any. We headed over to Crackneck lookout (can't believe my sister hadn't been there before), the most incredible, wide open view of the ocean from the cliffs. Knowing they'd most likely be fairly far out, I quickly searched the drawers upstairs to find our binoculars. 

We didn't see one whale, or even two, we were lucky enough to see a great many as we sat on the cliff top, along with quite a few others who were there watching too. While searching the ocean for them with the binoculars, I also saw a seagull suddenly drop from the sky and nosedive into the water before surfacing again, such a great moment to witness. I so wished I had a large telephoto lens - you know, the ones that cost many, many thousands of dollars that could get you around the world more than once - just so I could better capture them. But it didn't matter, watching them was more than enough joy for me! Later, at sunset, I walked down to the beach from my house and took photos of the waves.

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