Monday, June 25, 2012


norma (renee's cat), scuttle's, & renee

After getting some things done on campus, Renee and I took her adorable cat, Norma, who I'd not met before on a bit of a random adventure. We stopped by Somersby Falls for a moment, the light was fading fast and the temperature dropping, but that didn't matter - the falls are always so calming and refreshing. Norma wasn't too happy about all that water around, however. Then we drove back to my house with slightly evil plans to introduce poor Norma to guinea pigs, rabbits, and turtles! Boomba, a guinea pig, didn't mind being squished up to a cat, but Norma turned away and tried to pretend the strange little creature didn't exist! Then she met her first rabbit, Cooper, who was very excited to meet her and probably would have tried to hump her if given the chance. However, she seemed quite scared of him! Yet Scuttles and her turned out to be instant friends, snuggled up together as if they'd known each other forever. Neither Norma, or my turtles Squirts and Sheldon really reacted to each other's presence, which left us a bit disappointed haha.

We then went and got take away from GPK (mm, garlic, herb, and spinach & mozzarella twists), and ate it in the car in the parking lot. Great conversations, about anything and everything, a great end to the night! Norma is so cute and lovely, I wanted to steal her when Renee dropped me home.

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