Sunday, May 6, 2012


I wasn't aware that there was going to be 'supermoon' tonight, I wasn't even aware after, by chance, my sister pointed to the full moon rising over the ocean. All I knew is that it was a beautiful, magical sight, and that I wanted - no, needed - to capture. I'm always so driven in my need to capture the magic in the world in photographs. So I went and grabbed my camera, and rushed down and across the road to the beach, all the while watching the sky in absolute awe as the moon continued to rise. 

Though the moon had risen high in the brief time it took for me to get down to the ocean, I was not at all disappointed. I was met with a sight so beautiful no photograph could ever do it justice. I froze for a moment,  hypnotised by the moonlight glistening on the water, scattered by the waves. I then noticed that I wasn't alone, and that there was a lot of other people down there, more than usual at night, watching the beauty unfold in silence also. They'd heard about it on the news, I'm guessing, so had gone there to witness it. I took photos, but mostly watched, and later found out that it was a special event. The moon is always magical though, but it's always wonderful when there's an event like this as a reminder, or an excuse, to take in the beauty in the world around us every single day.

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