Thursday, May 17, 2012


This evening, I felt the need to be by the ocean. The ocean, where I am small, a tiny speck fading into infinity. With the crisp air filling my lungs, a sense of calm spreads through my veins. On opening my front door, across the road they were playing music, I was greeted with the lyrics 'tonight's the night, it's gonna be alright'. Goosebumps. As I walked down my street, on my way to the beach, the setting sun gave a last burst of daylight, and drenched everything in an orange glow.

As the last trace of the day, the pastel pink of the clouds, disappeared, I set my camera to keep shooting and then walked down to the water's edge. I was freeing, but felt so alive, so free. As I sat and let the waves break over me, I used all my strength and will to fight their power and remain strong and still. The moments I was able to hold my place as the ocean's force whirled around me, instilled a sense of power and resilience. Strong, stronger than anything has or could happen to me.

Soaking wet I walked home, had a hot shower and spend a lot of time thinking.
We build ourselves out of everything that happens to us, even the seemingly insignificant. Never do we go to bed the same as we were when we woke in the morning, we're always changed. Some days simply change us more than others, splitting us in half, a before and after.