Monday, March 5, 2012


Elka is certainly the luckiest turtle in the world today! I'd just fed Squirtle, Sheldon, Elka, and Melvin a big meal of fish and worms in their pool outside and was ready to bring them all inside. I put Elka and Melvin in the white tub I've been using to carry them in, took a few steps and out of nowhere a kookaburra swooped down, and snatched Elka and flew off. The same one who I photographed just the other week on top of our shed, here!

I chased down across my garden after him, screaming for my mum or someone to come out and help, to where he'd landed in the tree by our shed and was sitting with the turtle - I had no idea which one he'd taken - in his mouth. I don't think I've ever screamed (awkward that I even screamed a very loud 'mummy' ha) quite so loud for so long, but I knew I needed someone to come help and most importantly, to keep him distracted so he didn't crush her in his beak. Even next door's little dog ran down to the fence and started barking, and the kookaburra just sat there staring at me! My mum, sister, and brother all came running out and my brother jumped up on the shed, I grabbed something and threw it, and he dropped her before flying away. Luckily, she had landed on some soft leaves and grass, mum picked her up and gave her to me and I just couldn't believe I had her back. I was shaking for so long afterwards, but she didn't even seem concerned and there's not a mark on her!

I don't think there's many little turtles who have been for a flight with a kookaburra and survived to tell the tale!

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