Friday, February 3, 2012


Jumping in rain puddles by myself this evening, so much fun - I must do so more often! Three times today I laughed so hard my tummy hurt: spent a long while looking in the fridge for avocados, only to realise there was four sitting right in front of me; while feeding the animals, I opened the lid for the food container and left it sitting on it diagonally as it was raining a little and I didn't want the food to get wet. Wild bunny comes out of nowhere, as usual, goes to jump into the food container only to land on the lid, it flipped, and she got the fright of her life as she went flying! She turned and looked at me as I was keeled over in fits of laughter, as if to say 'don't you laugh at me it's mean'; Baby and wild bunny chasing each other and humping each other and flirting about.

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