Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Uni today, had looked around outside a few times overnight in my pyjamas and with a torch for Little Boy but with no luck. I didn't find him this morning either, I looked everywhere and didn't even want to go to uni. I saw the newly finished extensions (above) on the library and felt like a new student wandering around and taking a look... and when I tried to walk through the 'entry' door instead of the 'exit', and took a few backwards steps without even turning around (because clearly that takes so much effort) to get back the other way and then realised people were watching me ahaha.

I couldn't find him when we got home either, the lady who lives in the house behind next door was out in her garden with her kids so I called over and asked if she'd a rabbit. Before I could even give a description she said 'the little old fellow? with floppy ears?' I said yes, and she told me that he'd been in their garden yesterday evening and they kindly gave him some water and carrot but then he appeared to go back through the fence. She let me jump the fence (pretty sure I almost flipped on my bed as I lost my balance) and take a look around, but there was no sign of him.

I gave up and went back inside, too upset to go door knocking in the street below or anything, I just felt I wasn't going to see him again. Mum went driving down there and knocking on doors, and I got the call from her a little later saying that she had him! A little boy who she spoke to when he answered the door hadn't seen him, but then told his mum who put two and two together and went to find what their dog had been barking at under the house and moments later the boy had come running after my mum with Little Boy in hand!!!!

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