Monday, February 20, 2012


I was just a little concerned when my dad arrived home, got out of his car, and proceeded to pull all of this out and put it on! Given to him as a joke at work, ahahaha. I'm loving all of this rain, it's been pouring down! The turtles had fun in the rain today, too.


  1. Hello:

    Intereting sites!
    I found them after watching a picture made by you in FLICKR BABY ANIMALS*... I love that site too.
    I agree - taking (and COLLECTING!) pictures are so good; it seems that 'we take the time and put it in a piece of a paper'...
    There is one picture that mentions the word COPACABANA - I thought that had to do to that famous beach in Brazil; and where I am from (lol).
    And you are AUSSIE, lucky: i have wishes to visit/go there... I bet it would be a fantastic trip!
    Please keep taking pictures; it´s a great hobby - and a nice THERAPY.

    Lots of luck,
    Rodrigo Rosa (Porto Alegre_South of Brazil)

    * I have a tortoise too, called NAOMI: I can send pictures in a next contact.