Saturday, February 11, 2012


This is my old wardrobe door, which had been sitting under our house for the past year. My parents put it out in the pile of things out the front to be taken for council pick up they booked. I really wanted to take a photo of the drawings and growth chart on there, so mum kindly dug it out from the bottom of the pile. Oh, the hilarious scene that was mine this evening!

I went outside to get Squirts, Sheldon, and little-still-unnamed (turtles) from the shell pond and in that time my brother left, followed closely by my sister who locked the door on leaving. Once I realised I was locked out, with no phone, no money, and no idea when either would return, I decided to walk to the payphone by the surf club to try and call my mum. Since I had no money, I pranked her few times (it cut out just as she said hello) and then tried to call her using 1800reverse. Only, the call didn't go through so I gave up and walked home hoping that she'd gotten the hint!

Now, here's the funny part! I went back into the garden and found that a baby bird had gotten caught between the glass and fly screen of my brother's slightly opened window. It was freaking out, along with it's parents who were obviously very distressed, so I went and got a ladder from the shed. The ground was uneven, so the ladder was unstable and rocking as I climbed it. Not a good mix when coupled with my terrible balance! Add to the scene: Baby and Little Boy humping (bunnies) off to the side, and wild bunny sitting a couple of metres from the ladder looking at me like I was insane.

I helped the bird out and he flew off, and I almost lost my footing while trying to see if the window was locked - when you're already up the ladder and hanging off a windowsill, you'd may as well! All this time, to the group staying in the holiday house behind us, I probably looked like I was trying to break in. Then, when I got down I tripped over my feet into my dad's car, which set off the alarm! So I awkwardly went and sat on the front porch, waiting for it to stop.

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