Saturday, July 9, 2011


This evening I went to Sydney for Shannon's 21st at Pancakes on the Rocks, Darling Harbour. I mixed up the train times so missed the one everyone caught, so had to catch the next train by myself. I'm surprised that I felt confident enough to do so, and that I was able to find my way from Central Station to Darling Harbour just from memory. I actually have a terrible sense of direction, so that's a first!

Lydia, Dee, and Rosemaree were there from uni plus some of Shannon's wonderful friends from elsewhere. The strawberries that came with my pancakes were awful, both Lydia and I thought they tasted like chemicals and poison! The pancakes were delicious though. Afterwards we went into a couple of pubs or clubs, got Hungry Jacks (mm large chips and onion rings) and caught a train home just after midnight. I had to capture this, everyone playing games on their phones on the way home!

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