Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hydro adventures with Emma, Rose, and Jess :)


  1. Hi Dani, Good to see you feel well enough to cope with uni again this year.None of us know the struggles some others go through to keep studying, some have no support from parents, some have financial problems,some might have family commitments that don't allow for study time, I guess you just do what you can and get on with it.
    I miss your 5 daily bits of happiness,just because people don't leave comments, doesn't mean we don't check it out every day.

  2. Helloo,

    Thanks! I really can't wait to start back, next week is O-week and then classes start the Monday after so I'm excited. I'm having trouble deciding on which classes to do, because I'd love to them all but know I can't cope.

    I've been dealing with some things and that's why the 5 bits of daily happiness blog died off for so long. I plan to start it once I'm back at uni though :)