Sunday, July 15, 2012


There was a beautiful sunset this evening, I watched the fairy floss pink clouds fade to blue while I fed the animals. My brother's long neck, who I have nicknamed Squishing, seems to be doing better today and enjoyed munching up all the larvae I gave him, wanting more and more and more!

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  1. I'm reading where you have been sick. I hope you are better and that I'm just behind on coming here to borrow inspiration from you as I have always done. Your love for animals of all kind touches my heart and your perseverance through adversity has always given me strength. I've never met you, probably never will as we live on opposite side of the planet, but I feel as though I know you more than some people I've been around for a decade. My level of inspiration and passion is in need of a boost of some kind as I feel it all slipping away from me as fast as it came. I hope you are well my friend.