Saturday, July 14, 2012


streams at the top of somersby falls

I was up most of the night with my brother's sick baby long-neck turtle, it took me a while to come up with a plan on how to keep him warm enough (but not too warm), and hydrated but without the risk of drowning if in water since his buoyancy is not good right now. While driving past the ocean with my sister I noticed the ships that line the coast were in much closer today, instead of small specks on the horizon, their true size was far more imposing. We went to Somersby Falls so I could catch some larvae for the little turtle, as it's all he wants to eat right now - it's a good sign he's strong enough to enjoy hunting them when I put some in the water with him! 

On arriving, an adorable little boy smiled and said hi, 'what are you doing?' His little sister was more shy, and gave me a quick smile while biting her lip. The sound of water flowing over the rocks, frogs and birds singing, one can only feel at peace there. I felt like a child again for a moment, with the excitement of spotting tadpoles (some of which I accidentally caught with the larvae and discovered when we got home). On the way home we took the scenic drive through Matcham, the light turning golden and painting the trees was so beautiful, I could never grow tired of such magic around me. 

When we got home, the crisp air filled my lungs, and there was a hint of smoke from someone's fireplace. The setting sun continued to create magic around me, the sky turning pastel pink, broken only by some blue fluffy clouds scattered. I took photos of the sunset reflected on the surface of our cars. Make it or Break it, a favourite show of mine,

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