Friday, June 8, 2012


me, renee, our movie tickets, popcorn she threw on the floor for the photo
I had a wonderful evening with my mum at The Entrance, she was trying out their new camera. Pelicans and seagulls were about, and the water was painted in golden light from the setting sun. Then we went over to the skate park, and found a large group of pelicans surrounding some fisherman who were cutting up fish. While my mum took photos, I just absorbed my surroundings; pelicans fighting over the fish they were thrown; golden light slowly deepening to blood red, and being taken over by the blue of dusk; spotting a poor pelican limping around with a long trail of fishing line, which was tangled tightly around his foot, have tried to get him some help; the crisp cold that took over as the sun disappeared entirely.

Later, Renee and I went and had dinner, and then saw a movie - 'friends with kids'. It was actually a really boring, and long drawn out movie, sadly a waste of money. I drank a whole litre of water in there, and so my bladder was pretty much bursting by the time it ended, and I raced out while leaving my bag behind, which Renee had to go back for!

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