Wednesday, June 6, 2012


my still unnamed baby eastern long neck turtle
The wind last night was wonderful, so, so wonderful. Just after 3am, I heard the sound of something squealing outside so went out to see what it was. I found the source of the squealing, little black wild bunny was sitting on our front path, and instantly fell silent and ran over to greet me. I saw he wasn't injured, I guess he was simply distressed by the storm, and as I turned to go back inside the poor little thing chased my toes - I think he wanted me to save him from the wind! But wow, standing outside for those few minutes, the wind swirling around me in the darkness of the night, it felt freeing, exhilarating.

I spent the afternoon trying out the nikon 1 J1 camera my parents have through work, and it's quite brilliant! So strange to be using such a small camera when I'm so used to my SLR, and it's crazy that such a tiny camera is capable of images that are the quality of a dSLR! Plus you can even get an attachment so you can use dslr lenses with it, pretty cool. It's fun learning to use something new.

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