Monday, June 25, 2012


wamberal beach
Though it was freezing cold late this afternoon while I was feeding the animals, I simply couldn't resist the call of the rough sea. My fingers and bare feet were numb with cold, but it didn't bother me as I raced down to the ocean and stood on the shore. Well, what little there was of the shore with the unusually high tide. I watched as the powerful sea pounded the sand, two lone body boarders caught in the wall of whitewash. As I snapped away with my camera, completely absorbed in the moment, too slow a wave caught me, drenching my pants in a refreshing mixture of watery foam, and wet sticky sand. The walk home is never quite as fun, freezing cold, feet so numb I couldn't feel them at all, but well worth the exhilaration and breath of freedom.


  1. nicely captured, i could feel the cold from the photo. As always superb..