Sunday, June 17, 2012


naughty, naughty dogs

Oh gosh, the drama overnight! Just after midnight, as I was settling down to watch a film my sister came into my room to tell me the animals outside were being very loud and bashing around, so I should go check on them. Begrudgingly, I got out of bed, grabbed a torch, slipped on my gumboots, and went outside to see what was going. I expected to find that they were just making a fuss for no reason at all, as they often do, but instead a huge dog, a brown labrador, came bounding out of the bushes from behind our shed, apparently overjoyed that there was now a human to play with! I grabbed him and pulled him around to our front porch, and found he had a collar but no tags with contact information. We offered him water, and he was so thirsty we refilled the bowl several times!

After my mum, sister, and I had been frantically trying to work out what on earth to do with him for over an hour, out of nowhere a smaller black girl joined us on our doorstep, obviously his partner in crime who had been out the back of our house all that time! She was more tired than he was, and only wanted to lie down and go to sleep after having a drink, so we gave them some towels and animal pillows to lie on. He was so sweet, he picked up one of the towels and draped it over - something he ended up doing twice. My mum rang absolutely every number we could possibly try to get help, only to find out that in the early hours of a Sunday morning there was nothing and no one to help. Exhausted, both us and the dogs, it was well after 3am and with the dogs literally falling asleep and snoring, we finally decided to just put them out on our back veranda until morning. We had a ranger pick them up in the morning, so they could scan their microchips if they had them and get them home to their probably very anxious family! 

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