Friday, June 15, 2012


people observing the scene of the fire at Casey's Toys, Amaze n Play, & One stop Fashion in the evening
I was up bright and early this morning, for a change. My mum and I had to leave the house at 7:30 to get to funeral to support someone she knows whose mum has died, which was at the outskirts of Sydney somewhere, so I went along for the day. While waiting in the car before we left home, I checked facebook on my phone and saw a post from our local newspaper that Casey's Toy Warehouse, Amaze n Play, and One Stop Fashion had burnt down overnight. I couldn't believe it, Casey's Toys and Amaze n Play have been here since I was little, and One Stop Fashion is my mum's favourite clothing store. As we drove past, there was countless fire brigades, police, and other emergency personnel on scene. The building was still smouldering and being hosed off, so it was such a shame we were in a rush and couldn't stop then. It was such an unbelievable sight to see the way the buildings were caving in, roofs collapsing, the damage flame and heat can do.

After the funeral, we went to the after gathering. I took some photos, with permission, that I hope will be treasured by them in the future. One our way home, we stopped at a garden and aquarium store to look for things for the turtles. There's an adorable and very large fish there named Strawberry, who comes up and says hi and follows you around. As we walked out, the golden light passing through the tree covered in red autumn leaves was a breathtaking site. It's these small details build our lives.We drove back past the fire scene, and I snapped some photos from the car window.

Waking early makes days longer

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