Sunday, May 13, 2012


Tiny, and his injured eye

It was so cold today, such an icy chill to the air. My day was filled with laughs, thanks to our resident wild bunny and her now grown black baby. While I was out feeding the animals they, as usual, decided it was their feeding time too. They raced up to me, after treats (they love carrot + apple), and proceeded to play snatch the carrot I gave them from one another, and attempt to run away and hide from the other! Laughter, the best medicine in the world

When I realised that Tiny (guinea pig) hadn't raced out and greeted me with squeaks as usual, I found him hiding in one of their pipes and pulled him out. The poor little guy has injured his eye, probably in a disagreement with one of his friends - he thinks he's bigger than he actually is, and likes to boss his friends who are larger than him around and steal all the treats. He'll be fine though. A not so great end to the day, when I found my brother's little Eastern long neck turtle who had been a little poorly had died. Death is never easy, he was only a baby.

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