Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Renee and I finally went to the Australia Walkabout Park today, and had a wonderful time despite how terribly hot it ended up being today! Being super heat sensitive it really knocked me out, and we ended up sitting on the cool concrete floor inside the (mostly) reptile exhibit for a while. There was the most adorable bilbies in there too. We really ought to check the weather forecast before going places!

I'll definitely be going back there, it's great and the animals are free roaming and wild (mostly). It's a natural bush sanctuary for the animals. The highlight was spotting a foot poking out of the pouch of a kangaroo who was resting, and then the joey started kicking about so the mum stood up and I could hardly believe when out popped his little head! We sat with them for ages, in utter amazement.

It was so cool to see some Eastern Long Neck turtles in a few natural pools of water that have formed on a rock platform, and even cooler to be able to touch them ourselves! We even got to hold a large diamond python when they brought it out for the reptile show, and when it was my turn he decided it would be a great idea to put his tail up my shorts, which made us all laugh!

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