Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Renee and I went to Taronga Zoo again today, and this is one of the adorable tiger cubs - I believe it's one of the boys! They've grown so much since we last saw them, I'd love to just sit there and watch them play all day, they're so curious.

Highlights of the day included: tiger cubs being awake more than last time; the lions being so active, the male roaring more than once and the female coming right up to the glass and staring right at me; finding a peacock feather + a rather stressed lady by the entrance later asking if I'd pulled it off the poor peacock because people actually do that; catching the sky safari and then having to sneak through an exit only gate as we didn't realise that to get back in you need to catch the sky safari back and the queue was way too long; one of the seals showing off to everyone; taking photos of the penguins who were playing; the baby chimpanzee playing about indoors and disturbing all the napping adults.

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