Saturday, January 14, 2012


It was raining so hard today! I ran out to feed the animals as quickly as I could between showers, but got caught out there when it had a sudden very, very heavy down pour - I was drenched! The poor wild bunny was also drenched, though momently indecisive about whether to a) stay sitting in the open food container filling her tummy, or b) flee for cover. She ended up fleeing under a table for cover. Since I was already soaking wet, I took Squirts and his new friend outside to play in the very big puddle quickly forming on our front path. They had an absolute ball!

I finished my fruit salad that I started cutting up last night but was too tired finished.
Ingredients: strawberries; raspberries; blackberries; karaka berries; boysenberries; blueberries; loganberries; redcurrants, blackcurrants; gold kiwi fruit; green kiwifruit; menindee + thompson white grapes; red flame grapes; crimson grapes; cardinal grapes; sultana grapes; red globe grapes; midnight beauty black grapes; sable black grapes; clementine mandarins; amour mandarins; tangelos; navel oranges; valencia oranges; pineapple; watermelon; green kiwifruit; gold kiwifruit; lychees; achachas; blood plumbs; amber jewel plumbs; black amber plumbs; prime time plumbs; black diamond (red flesh) plumbs; sugar plumbs; red plumbs; teagan blue plumbs; plumcots; white flesh nectarines; yellow flesh nectarines; white flesh peaches; yellow flesh peaches; paradise pears; nashi pears; packham pears; pink lady apples; golden delicious apples; red delicious apples; sundowner apples; star apples; banana;

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