Monday, December 26, 2011


Today, like yesterday, consisted of laying in hammocks in the garden, Squirts swimming in the shell pool, and bunnies racing about - but only Baby, Peta, and Little Boy as I'm crashing health wise. There was the most beautiful mist over Wamberal and Terrigal, a rare sight, we could hardly see Terrigal beach from our balcony!

But a light hearted relaxing day ended with grief, as in the evening I discovered poor little Pingu in agony and hunched in his cage. I took him inside, took his temperature which was fine, gave him some fluids under his skin, gave him a little watermelon which he ate, noticed there was something wrong with a couple of his toes on his back leg, rushed around but couldn't find the metacam (painkiller) but put him in the travel cage with some water and food and he seemed okay - his droppings and urine was also normal. I was exhausted and asked my sister to bring his cage upstairs where we planned to have dinner, but she forgot and said she'd do so afterwards. We ate a late Christmas dinner at the table, carried over from yesterday, and I asked her to bring him up afterwards but she called up the stairs and said 'something is wrong with the rabbit - just come down' and as the dread rose in my throat I rushed downstairs, saw him lying in the cage and reached down to touch him and he was gone. Just, gone. I grabbed him and held him close, balling my eyes out. He is so young and now he's just gone and it's not fair and he died alone. Here one moment tearing up paper in his cage - something that I saw, along with his droppings and a wee when I walked past the travel cage he was in before going to bed and broke down again - and then gone. Yesterday playing with his brother Sampson and opening presents, and now he's just gone.

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