Sunday, December 25, 2011


Absolutely exhausted! Today consisted of: presents, so happy that I was surprised with the phone I wanted (Samsung Galaxy SII) so I now have a working phone; demolishing the ginger bread house my sister made; cutting up fruit and making fancy looking fruit platters for everyone; eating outside; new rainbow hammocks; watching my family playing badminton and one of those tennis ball on pole games; my family watching me as if I were insane as I set up a tripod and proceeded to take a time lapse of me stuffing my face with a giant piece of watermelon; filling up the blue shell pool for Squirts to swim in, my sister feeding him shrimp and fish, and all of us crowding round and filming him as he hit a ball around when we threw him it; letting the bunnies run around and preparing special treats of yummy fruit and vegetables which I then wrapped up for them, as little Sampson and Pingu are tearing open up above; stuffing poor Scuttles in a box to try and make a stop motion of her escaping but she apparently liked it in there and wouldn't cooperate; having a fire once it got dark and sitting around it, and I of course took plenty of photos as I love how beautiful fire is; not having Christmas dinner at the table because we were all outside until nearly midnight, but still having some of the ratatouille that we've had every year since my aunt introduced us to it.

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