Thursday, December 22, 2011


I spent the afternoon in the garden and some of the bunnies run, and this is one photo out the many taken for a time lapse - I was curious to how it would work out. The boys had so much fun racing about and of course, my resident wild bunny appeared as usual and raced around with them and sneaking into the food! They were all spoilt rotten with a huge bowl of leafy greens, except for poor Cooper and Jasper as the guinea pigs they live with finished most of it while they were running!

I gave one cage of boys (Wombat, MJ, Wally, and Rupert) a new toy I got the other day, a spinning ball you put hay and other yummy treats and they need to work at it to get the food - they love it! I'll be sharing it between all the bunnies and guinea pigs. Poor Molly's (bunny) breathing was sounding awful this evening, so she's in for the night with Little Boy.

A wonderful day took a horrible turn this evening, however. The father of the girls down the road, family friends of ours who adopted a brother and sister bunny from one of the litters, pulled over when he was driving past to ask if I'd seen their missing rabbit as the girl had escaped out of their gate (they're currently moving) a few days ago and they couldn't find her. So I said I'd keep an eye out. Then a terrible thought entered my mind - while I was feeding the animals I caught a whiff of something that smelt dead. So I grabbed a torch as it was dusk and I wanted to check under the house next door to see if the bunny was hiding there, and started doing a quick search.

I didn't want to think that she could be where the smell was coming from, I expected to find her alive if she was over there. But in the back corner of next door's garden, just inside the plants under the banana trees next to our fence, I spotted white and my heart just sank. But it was to get much worse.

I went up to her, tears in my eyes, and instantly realised something was very, very wrong. She didn't die of natural causes, illness, dehydration, or an animal attack - her head had been sliced off clean, no other injuries, no fur scattered around from an attack, no other wounds, it was very obviously something only a person could have done. A person sliced her head off, my precious little fluffy girl with the grey/brown nose and tail who I watched grow up from a bald little pink thing. I picked up her body and got dad to bury her, and mum and my sister got new padlocks for our cages. I feel ill, I can't even comprehend how anyone could do such a thing.

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  1. oh dear that is so so terrible, I am so sorry to hear that someone could do that to a sweet little bunny.