Friday, December 16, 2011


Late this afternoon I went up to Erina Fair to do a bit of Christmas shopping, but I wasn't there long before Renee came to meet me as we planned to do something after she finished work. I also kind of managed to have her turn up at home, where I wasn't, because my silly phone sent the first text I sent her telling her take her time while stuck in traffic but not the second one right after saying not to drive to Wamberal through the traffic and to just meet me at Erina, oops! I most definitely need a new phone, it can't even handle a phone call for a few seconds, but I'm holding off until we can get the one I want cheaper.

Renee and I ended up going back into Erina to get food, and ended up in the fruit shop so she got some bits and pieces and I stocked up on more (you know, to add to the HUGE fruit salad and stash of fruit at home) fruit. Then we drove around, can't remember where this is but we froze when we got out the car to take photos - so much summer, it's like winter! Laughed about how cold it was with a couple walking their dog, got Onion rings from Hungry Jacks and then she dropped me back at the shops to meet mum. Mum and I randomly went for a drive to look at Christmas lights as it was dark when we were finished, even drove down our old street and passed our old house in Green Point, and our even older street in our older house in Kincumber. Memories.

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