Friday, November 4, 2011


Renee and I went down to the rocks at Copacabana today, and spent the afternoon and evening taking so many photos! So many photos that I simply love and can't help but smile when I go through them. We sat on rocks and let the white wash of waves wash over us, before we walked further along the rocks and around the corner to where my favourite cliff is, and the waves were huge. We sat on the edge with our legs dangling, and though rationally we knew the waves were coming nowhere near us up there, your heart can't help but race as these giant waves come hurtling towards you. Lying down and hanging my head off the edge was even more exhilarating!

My favourite photos, however, were the ones taken at sunset like this one - it's hard to believe we weren't even getting wet in them! After the long walk back along around the rocks, the tide was up so we had to rush through the lower rock platforms between sets, and I ended up slipping on the wet ground and being unable to get up, haha! We had take away from the Greek restaurant in Terrigal afterwards, which we ate back at my house while we watched a slideshow of the photos.

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