Sunday, October 30, 2011


It was raining again today, so I took some photos of reflections in rain drops on the plants outside my bedroom window. Then I went down to the sea with Squirts, and ended up rescuing a Christmas beetle from the edge of the ocean, and walked him up into the bushes to set him free. Then I rescued this bee, and it was amazing to have him sitting on my hand as he so carefully dried of his feet, face, and finally his tiny wings. It took him a while but when he was ready I took him to a bush full of flowers, far away from the beach, and off he flew!

Afterwards, I spotted a beautiful blue butterfly lying flat on its side, and saturated by the tide. I thought it was dead, but after taking a photo I saw one of its feet move slightly, so I picked it up and sure enough she was alive! Again, I held her as she tediously dried off her face, feet, and wings while I walked home. She was able to fly off in the end, and ended up sitting by the bushes beneath my bedroom window. It's a good feeling knowing I've given these tiny lives a second chance.

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