Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Renee and I went to Taronga Zoo today, and it was so much fun! We left early in the morning, a little later than our planned 8am, and so we had the whole day at the zoo. We forgot to get a map when we arrived but had the best luck with our timing and just kept on running into the shows and feedings all day as we went - the seals + cute pelicans, bird show, giraffe feeding, tiger feeding, gorilla feeding, everything! Even the Tasmanian tiger was out running about, unlike last time when they were sleeping! I was trying so hard to get a photo of the male tiger's eye as he was pacing up and down the glass waiting for the food he knew was coming, and I'm really happy with this!

Pretty sure we were one of the last to leave, we had to the press the button and all but were held up with the meerkats and one of the dogs like a fox (can't remember their name) who started jumping about when we walked past like he wanted to play! There was a beautiful sunset in the evening as we left and so we drove down to where the ferry arrives to take photos. I used a garbage bin as a tripod but then a girl and guy came and sat down near us and offered to take a photo of us.


  1. I can't believe you got such a GREAT shot at a ZOO!

    you inspire me :)

    - random question though -
    I seen your post on deviantart about how it was raining during some shots... how do you protect your camera from the rain? I'm just getting into photography, and I would love to get some rain shots, but I am terrified of ruining my camera! Thanks so much, I love your blog. I looks forward to what you'll share with us every morning!


  2. I use a plastic bag, actually! I would love to get an underwater casing for my camera one day, but it's not needed for taking photos in the rain. Just make a hole for the tip of the lens and leave the end open so you can slip your hands in to use the settings and all that. :)

    Thank you, both!