Saturday, September 24, 2011


Saturday was so much fun! Bronwyn, Hannah, Nath and I spent the day together in Sydney after finally getting our act together and organising it! Though Bronwyn and I were a little late, well, very late as we got lost because the GPS decided to take us in circles in the city centre just for laughs. So Hannah and Nath had to come walk to some random street to find us in the car, haha. Walking in the city is far easier than driving! Oh and I chose this photo to upload since, in the words of Hannah, "The awkward moment when you meet up and 3 of you are normal and then there's Nathan..."

It was the best day, and not at all awkward like I think we were nervous about mixed in with our excitement - it was more like we’d been hanging out in a group always! When were at Olympic Park minus Hannah, we were walking around in the dark and all of a sudden these random TVs turned themselves on. Freaky.

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