Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The duck's eggs haven't hatched yet, I bet it will happen over the holidays in the next two weeks - boo! She started wagging her tail and calling out to me when I sat nearby, and when I didn't immediately give in and share my banana chips with her she jumped up and walked out over to me so of course I had to share. She's just so cute and I was able to get a really good view of the eggs, there's at least nine in there.

When I was about to pull open the bathroom door at uni, some lady shoved it open so fast and hard that it ripped two of my toe nails off and hit my head so hard everything went black. I am starting to think I'm jinxed between that and the burns and should stay away from uni entirely, haha. My brother graduates high school tomorrow, strange. It's going to be strange being back there for his graduation ceremony!

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