Saturday, September 17, 2011


This evening as I was catching some of the bunnies who I'd let out to run (Cooper, Peta, Little Boy, and Baby) I noticed that Sampson was covered in blood while this little guy humped him. I assumed it was Sampson who was injured, but when I picked him up he was fine and then I discovered that this poor little guy's genitals were injured, one of his testicles is hanging off - how on earth? Haven't been able to get hold of the vet though, and super worried about him!


  1. It's possible being so small and silly he humped the wrong end of another bunny and they bit his bits.

    How is he?

  2. You are a genius, as that's exactly what the vet said this evening! She said that young boys are silly like that, and often wind up 'desexing' each other haha.

    He is doing fine, eating and drinking and able to go to the toilet like usual. It's not an urgent situation like I thought, she said I could probably even cut it off myself because it doesn't hurt them as when it's dangling off like that it's already dead. I said I wasn't so sure it was hanging off enough for it to be pain free, so she's going to do it some time this week if she has a chance. :)