Friday, August 19, 2011


Today, I adopted my very own brain cell (neuron) which I got from the bookshop at uni. There's so many different types and I want them all! List of my favourites, I can see an addiction developing.

The pain from the burns is agonising tonight, I went into uni to see Lydia and to also for the campus nurse and dr to redress the burns and treat them. I think they were as shocked as I was about just how bad my left hand is, it's all blistering and raw and the largest blister had blown up like an egg! Second degree burns. And I thought it was bad yesterday [link] when I peeked at it and saw part of the blistering popping out.

The nurse drained the fluid by poking them with a needle, kind of fascinating in a way. I hope it doesn't blow up over the weekend, because I'm scared I'll accidentally tear the skin trying to drain it, the skin that though dead is a protective barrier. They gave me all the burns treatment things to redress it myself over the weekend, and I have to get it checked on Monday.

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