Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Renee and I randomly went for a drive tonight. We got onion rings and chips from Hungry Jacks (biggest craving ever) and then sat on a jetty somewhere. Then we went back to my house, picked up my camera, and randomly ended up driving to Newcastle and stopped at Nobbys Beach. We took some photos, Renee chased some seagulls, and then we drove home again.

We managed to freak ourselves out (my fault, haha) about murderers and serial killers because I brought up the fact that the ads for the new Scream movie (big issues with that one, since seeing the first two in year 5 haha) freak me out, which lead to remembering all the scary stories kids tell at sleepovers. Actually had to check the back seat to make sure no one has hiding there, ahahaha. Then we had to stop at some road works in the middle of the freeway, behind a large truck so we couldn't see around it, it was dark, no lights, and we were so freaked we had to lock the doors!

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