Monday, December 6, 2010


Renee and I got our photo taken with Santa while at Westfield today, and spent ages in Borders. There was the funniest outtake they took when I had my mouth wide open mid-laughter, and had my hand touching the side of my face covering my ear like I do when I'm embarrassed etc. It was because the girl taking the photo was trying to get us to relax and said 'tell a dirty joke!' and I legitimately do not know any haha. The Santa was really young, only in his thirties, and according to the guy also working there he has tattoos all up his arms. Random! We also went down to Terrigal to satisfy out craving hot chips and potato scallops. I also got the above Christmas card in the mail from a friend overseas!

A good day turned out awful though, because when I got home Scuttles (rabbit) was collapsed in her cage and completely limp. She had two seizures, which were horrible so I rang the vet and rushed over to her house. The car trip was difficult because half the time it was too dark to see if she was breathing or not, and she kept opening her eyes and looking up at me. I assumed she was dehydrated or had GI stasis, or both, and both of which can be fatal. The vet said that it really didn't look, and since she's so tiny the blood vessels in her ears are too small for a drip. Instead she said she'd give her fluids via injection every fifteen minutes, and would text me in an hour to let me know how she was doing. Good news is that she's up and about again, and even eating grass!

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