Thursday, September 9, 2010


My pelvis/back/ribs were so sore this morning I couldn’t sit up for a few hours, so I was running late, picked up the last of my prints with mum, got stuck in traffic, so by the time I got to uni my teacher wasn’t in our room. I rang her office, knocked on the classroom door again but it was locked, sat outside the art building for a while, probably creeped another of the art staff out because 3 times we walked in and out of the doors at the same time, haha. I went back in and checked again, emailed her…stayed at uni until 6;30pm hoping I’d hear back and could if she’d gone home, even leave my work somewhere so she’d know it was done…
she just emailed me back and I guess we must have just missed each other, because she said she was still in there at the time I got there… then left and went back later, around the same time I was still wandering back and forth hoping I’d find her. How in the world? :(

So now all that effort was for nothing, nothing. Goodbye grade, funny how excited I'd been.


  1. Oh, Danii :(
    Hopefully she'll be understanding, she knows how hard you tried to hand it in. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.