Friday, September 3, 2010


Holding Lily during another of her strange 'episodes' at 3am last night. After she recovered, she went back to eating and cuddling Kitty in their cage by my bed. Bright as anything. When mum came in to check on her in the morning, she was up and eating out of her food bowl. When she woke me up later in the afternoon, Lily had started having another of the episodes, no worse than any before. I picked her up, and held her just like I had been, I didn't feel like I was going to lose her, and she didn't seem like they so often do before they die and are ready to go. Her eyes were still bright. But she just stopped breathing, and I just held her, I couldn't let go. I feel like I didn't do enough to save my little Lily and I can't stop crying.

To the friendliest guinea pig in the world, I love you. I'm going to miss being greeted by you, and you begging for food and head scratches every afternoon.

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