Friday, August 20, 2010


Click to read the article, or see it here. Our beloved uni goose who I've often posted here, Gary also known as Alby, apparently "bit" a cleaner and so was secretly removed from the campus in the middle of the night on the weekend of the 7-8th. He belonged to a friend of mine, who due to circumstance chose to leave him at the uni because it would make the perfect home for him. Ever since, he has become a big part of our campus over these past three years. known best for parading around the cafeteria area with his two duck friends, announcing his presence and using his charm to convince students to share their lunch. He gave Ourimbah campus a community spirit, a togetherness - something we miss out compared to the main campus in Newcastle.

He meant something to us, yet the uni gave us no warning, no real explanation, they just organised a pest control company to come and catch him in the night. Then he was gone. It isn't right, and it's not right that this happened based of the word of a cleaner who didn't even require medical attention for this "bite". When it's known the cleaners don't like having to clean up the mess from all the birds, including him. One cleaner even told me last year that the cleaners disliked him, and that if he wasn't so cute he'd do away with him himself. Makes me think that.... hmm.

They've said this is about the welfare and safety of students and staff, that he's dangerous, but we all know that that's rubbish. We want our goose back.

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