Friday, July 30, 2010


The old house, it's hard to believe so many adults and children used to fit in there. I love the vegie/fruit garden. The gooseberries are my favourite!

My cousins helping me finish off my nest, for a photoshoot. I wonder what random passers by will think, coming across a giant nest woven with wild flowers?

An outtake from one of the 'ruins', my cousin and I hurridly slipping our layers back on because by this point we were freezing! Oh and teazing poor Honey.

Star jumps at sunset. I'm on the left, and we were jumping on a really old roof so meanwhile all the adults were back at the house freaking out and yelling at us to stop - thinking it would collapse - but we couldn't hear them. I don't want to leave here tomorrow, I don't want to leave here and it's tearing me apart. The tears were put off by crazy dancing, everyone dancing all together with the Wii game. Best atmosphere I've ever felt, surrounded my family I love.

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