Saturday, January 2, 2010


Renee and I went on another adventure today. Stopped off at a dead end and said hi to some horses and climbed a tree.


  1. Dani, Michael from Face Book. I too am making a promise to myself to shoot and post at least one photo a day for a number of reasons not the least of which is an attempt to make a part of every day in 2010, better than it would ordinarily be.. As you do, I too have things I have to overcome each and every day. Your tenacity and never give up spirit is infectious and that is a legacy that that everyone can aspire to and admire in others. I follow your blog and would be happy if you would follow mine too. Best to you.

  2. Hi Michael, I'll definitely come follow your blog and have a look! I never know how to respond to compliments, other than thank you. Every day, every person on the planet has something to overcome... and I think it's beautiful to be able to focus on just one, simple, positive thing a day. I really look forward to seeing your photos each day!