Thursday, October 1, 2009


My little sister graduated today. It filled me with nostalgia being back at my school, and to find it felt much the same as when I left. Very emotional. I cannot believe it was three years ago I walked across this stage, so terrifed of what lay before me. Was I going to get into uni with my marks which were destroyed due to my health? I knew you didn't get into uni with those marks. Yet I did, by some miracle.

Skye and I, three years after our graduation. Standing in the same place.

A tradition of Terrigal High school is for the Year 12's to have their final walk through the hallway, as the rest of the students and teachers wave goodbye and cheer.

When I got home, I found little Noddy who had been getting better, extremely ill and hardly able to stand. I think it was the sudden heat wave. The poor little guy was trying so hard to hold onto life, he was a fighter and wanted to live. I'm devastated.

Rest peacefully, little one. Know that you are loved and missed.


  1. Dani, i'm sorry, i didn't know til now that the little one didn't make. really sad news, but know that you gave him the best ever in his short life. i'm glad you two got to share it.

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