Saturday, May 16, 2009


Sydney, & escape. Aquarium visits, dugongs, sharks, fishies, & silly ticket lady asking 'are you with an adult' but I am not 12 or under, thanks. Photos, & leaping. Distraction. Yummy late lunches, fairy floss, & clothes shopping. Surprise fireworks, Darling Harbour's 21st birthday, & crazy man performing weird creepy act. Sunset, & watching a protest. More photos, stalker man with awesome SLR hiding and taking photos of us, & pretending not to notice him. Renee didn't even spot him! Watching the ferris wheel, & choosing not to afford it. Almost falling in the fountain, typical me. Yummy dinners, & me eating massive gelato three scoops. Pregnant tummy. Long train trip home, all stops, & lying half passed out across the seats. Silly girls stealing our taxi at Gosford, then stupid drunks stealing another, & finally taxi-ing home.

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